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How to Make an Effective Telephone Call Requesting a Legislator to Support a Bill
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Phone numbers for the Columbus and home offices of the Senators and the Representatives may be found by clicking below:

For Senators
For Representatives


  1. Introduce yourself and the issue. For example, “Hello, this is Dr. Sue Jones.* I’m one of your constituents, and I would like to talk to you briefly about H.B. 123, introduced by Rep. Jane Doe, that would advocate for mental health parity.”
    *Don’t be hesitant to use any title(s) you have; they add credibility to your argument.
  2. Be cordial. This seems obvious, but some citizens call with an attitude that does not help their cause.
  3. Try to speak directly with the legislator. If this is not possible, talk with the Legislative Aide and request a call back from the legislator to obtain his or her position on the issue. Clearly give your phone number.
  4. Explain briefly, but thoroughly, what the bill aims to do.
  5. If relevant, state how the proposal will be funded. State who supports the bill, i.e., The Ohio Psychological Association, Coalition for Healthy Communities, etc.
  6. Personalize why you are supporting the bill – briefly.
  7. Ask if you can respond to any questions. If you receive a question that you cannot answer, tell them that you will have someone from OPA call them or you’ll find the answer. Don’t be thrown off. Tell them what you do know (e.g., mental health treatment works and saves lives and money).
  8. Never hang up the phone without specifically asking for their support and attempting to get a commitment. Do not pressure. Ask, “Can we count on your support?”
  9. Keep a tally of all of your phone calls and key points that may need to be addressed.
  10. Follow the phone call up with a thank you letter summarizing the conversation.