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Bill Box: State Legislation & Alerts
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Below are selected bills that OPA is following. For more information on these bills, contact OPA at (614) 224-0034. Full bills can be accessed via the General Assembly website.

Bill and Sponsor  Bill Topic Issues and Psychology OPA Position Status of Bill


Eckland - R

Williams - D


Companion bill to SB40

Seitz - R

Antonio - D

Avoid death penalty if offender has serious mental illness at the time of the crime
Appropriateness of death for seriously mentallly ill offenders

OPA Supports the Bill

OPA has and will continue to advocate for the bill during OPA Legislative Day, May 2015, 2016 & 2017

Senate Judiciary Committee



House Criminal Justice Committee


R. Smith - R

FY 2018-19 Budget

Elimination of the Psychology Board

Funding for mental health services

OPA opposes the elimination of the psychology board

OPA supports adequate funding for mental heath services

Amended Bill passed the House.


Senate Finance Committee


Taveres - D

Culturally competent health care providers Culturally competent health care providers   OPA Supports Senate Health, Human Services and Medicaid Committee


Lehner - R

Tavares - D

Adopt requirments for Step Therapy protocols Adopt requirements for Step Therapy protocols OPA is monitoring this bill Senate Health Human Services and Medicaid Committee


Seitz - R 

Gavarone - R

Authorize psychologists to prescribe psychotropics Authorize specifically trained psychologists to prescribe psychotropic and other drugs for the treatment of drug addiction and mental illness  OPA Supports  House Health Committee


Rezebak - R

 Eliminate mandatory & Reverse bindovers  Modify procedures for discretionary bindovers of alleged juvenile offenders   OPA Monitoring  House Criminal Justice Committee  


Lipps - R

West - D

 Prescription Drug Co-Pay Integrity Act  Disclose Drug Price information to Patients  OPA Supports House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee


Antonio - D

   Adds sexual orientation or gender identity to categories of discrimination  OPA Supports House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee


Reineke - R

 Reduces the responsibilities of the State
 Board of Education and Superintendent of
 Public Instruction

 Eliminates the Ohio Board of Regents and the Chancellor  OPA Monitoring / OSPA opposes

House Government and Accountability Committee


Anielski - R

 License and Regulate Art Therapists License and Regulate Art Therapists OPA Monitoring - Concerns with scope to diagnose

House Health Committee


Tavares - D

Requires public schools to inform parents about children’s eating disorders Requires public schools to inform parents about children’s eating disorders  OPA Supports Referred to Senate Education Committee


Brinkman - R

Zeltwanger - R

Requires parental permission for treatment of gender identity issues  Therapist guilty of felony if they don’t inform parents  OPA Opposes
 Click here to view OPA's statement on     HB658 
 Click here to view OPA's bullet point   response to HB658
Referred to House Community and Family Advancement Committee